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Impress Your Guests With a New Mantel or Surround!

If your hearth is the centerpiece of your home, it’s the mantel that serves as the centerpiece of your hearth. A mantel adds style to your hearth, and it gives you a place to showcase family photos, vases full of flowers or interesting home décor. Reviving your mantel can overhaul the look of your hearth and the look of your home. If you’re looking to upgrade your home as you look forward to social gatherings this fall and winter, you can impress your guests with a new mantel or surround!

At FireSide Hearth & Home, we offer a variety of mantels and surrounds to fit the look and style of your hearth and your home. Choosing a mantel or surround can be a difficult proposition. Some of your decision will be determined by the size and location of your fireplace, and by the style of your home.

Simple mantelsFireplace mantel
Many homeowners opt for a simple mantel: a simple shelf placed over the fireplace. While they might be “simple” in concept, shelf-style mantels come in a variety of styles that can add serious interest to your hearth. Simple mantels can be sleek stone or metal for more modern homes, or rustic stone, brick or wood for more traditional homes or homes with a rustic or beachy style. A smaller mantel offers an understated look, while an oversized mantel can be eye catching.

Corbeled mantels
Corbeled mantels are another popular mantel option, particularly for homes with a traditional feel. Corbeled mantels feature supports, or corbels, underneath the mantel shelf. These corbels provide plenty of opportunity for customized style. They can have simple shapes that are perfect for a classic mantel look, or they can be bold and shaped from rough wood or stone to complement a rustic hearth. Modern hearths can be accented with corbels, too, as corbels also can be made in sleek lines from metal or smooth stone.

Full mantel surrounds
For a complete overhaul of your hearth, you can install a full fireplace surround. Surrounds outfit your hearth with a mantel and frames your firebox. The surround can feature simple panels below the mantel and around the firebox, or they can be more elaborate, with decorative columns or tiles that add contrast and impact to your hearth. Surrounds come in a variety of styles and a variety of shapes; there are even corner surrounds to accent hearths that are tucked into the nooks and crannies of a home.

A new mantel adds function to your fireplace, for sure, and a new mantel or surround also can instantly upgrade the look of your hearth and add style to your home. Whatever the style of your home, FireSide Hearth & Home has the mantel or fireplace surround for you! Stop by one of our showrooms to view our mantel and fireplace surround options today!

Let’s spruce up your outdoor space!

Fall usually sends people back indoors, but it doesn’t have to. Let us help you spruce up your outdoor space! When you add the right elements to your outdoor living space, you can extend your outdoor season. Here’s some of what FireSide Hearth & Home has to offer you to help make your outdoors great.

A new firepit is the perfect match for a cool fall night. Instead of heading indoors to entertain or relax, you, your friends and your family can gather around your firepit to enjoy the heat, warmth and pleasantly cool fall weather. You can keep it simple with a small, classic firepit, or you can add a statement piece to your backyard with a large firepit table. FireSide Hearth & Home has everything from rustic to classic to modern firepits. And if building and tending a fire, and dealing with woodsmoke, isn’t for you, we offer gas firepits that light with a flip of a switch and burn cleanly and efficiently so you can enjoy the positives of a firepit without any of the drawbacks.

Outdoor fireplaces
Get even more warmth, and more wow, in your outdoor living space with an outdoor fireplace. An outdoor fireplace adds a beautiful architectural element to your outdoor living space, while adding warmth, light and ambiance. And just like a firepit, the warmth put off from your outdoor fireplace can let you enjoy your patio long after fall’s cool temperatures would have driven you back indoors. Also like a firepit, we can install an outdoor fireplace in any style to suit your tastes, and they can be wood burning for a classic feel or gas fueled for easy operation and maintenance.

Outdoor kitchens
To take your outdoor living space to the next level, consider adding an outdoor kitchen. An outdoor kitchen can be a simple cooking surface with a grill, or it can be an elaborate setup that mirrors your indoor kitchen. Your outdoor kitchen can incorporate an outdoor firepit or fireplace for a comprehensive feel and for the added warmth you need to extend your enjoyment of your outdoor living space. An outdoor kitchen increases the usability of your backyard, giving you an additional space to entertain and relax with your family and friends.

Spruce up your outdoor living space now! You don’t have to head back indoors for the fall and winter now; add a firepit or fireplace to warm your outdoor space so you can gather even as temperatures drop, or add an outdoor kitchen to create extra square footage and use in your backyard. No matter how big or small of a spruce you’re looking for for your patio, FireSide Hearth & Home can help! Stop by one of our four showrooms to check out our fireplaces, firepits and outdoor kitchens, and to talk with our experts about enhancing your outdoor living space.

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