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We offer the best fireplace doors and mantels to spruce up your chimney!

Is your chimney in a good shape, but your hearth is not looking less than desirable? An outdated hearth can affect the overall look of your home’s living space. One way to upgrade your hearth and update your home’s style is by adding a new set of fireplace doors or a new mantel. FireSide Hearth & Home are here to help, we offer the industry’s finest fireplace doors and mantels to spruce up your chimney!

Fireplace doors

We offer the best fireplace doors and mantels to spruce up your chimneys - Royal Oak MI - FireSide Hearth & HomeFireplace doors are both decorative and functional. Replacing your fireplace doors especially if they are outdated, scratched or smoke-stained can give your hearth an instant face-lift. In addition, the right set of fireplace doors can make your hearth more efficient. At the very least, a set of fireplace doors that can be closed while the fireplace is in use. This helps to block downdrafts from coming into your home, and they also stop warm air from exiting your home during the cold months. Some fireplace doors can be closed when the fireplace is in use. That allows your fireplace to keep smoke, embers and popping logs from coming out of your fireplace. It also allows the fireplace doors to capture some of the fireplace’s heat and radiate it back into your home, so you get more heat output.


Your mantel can say a lot about your home and your style. An old outdated mantel, or one that simply doesn’t fit with your home décor can be difficult to overcome when creating the specific look you want for your home. Fortunately, mantels come in all sizes, finishes, shapes and styles so anyone can find one to suit their existing hearth and style. Mantels are easy to swap out, and replacing your outdated and unattractive mantel can provide an instant upgrade to your hearth and home.

Let us spruce up your chimney!

Are you ready to revamp your fireplace and chimney? By adding a new set of fireplace doors or a new mantel can quickly, easily and inexpensively give your home an entirely new look and feel. If you are ready to outfit your fireplace with new décor, stop by one of FireSide Hearth & Home’s showrooms today! We carry the best fireplace doors and mantels.

From modern to rustic, classic to contemporary, we have it all. At FireSide Hearth & Home, you can definitely find the right fireplace door and mantel for you. It’s time to spruce up your fireplace and chimney with new doors or a new mantel today!

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Why People Love Gas Logs

Gas fireplaces have outpaced traditional wood-burning fireplaces as a home amenity. In fact, many homeowners are augmenting their hearths, and their homes, with gas logs. Here’s why so many people are loving gas logs.


Gas logs have become a convenient alternative to traditional wood fires. With gas logs, you press a button or flip a switch, and you are instantly enjoying a roaring fire. Some gas logs can even be programmed to help maintain a certain temperature within a home. Gas logs create a warm, glowing hearth without the work required to build and maintain a wood fire.


Gas log technology has come a long way. The newest generation of gas logs have an incredibly realistic look, making them difficult to distinguish from a wood-burning fire. Ceramic gas logs are cast with axe marks, forks, and knot holes. They also come in several different varieties of wood, so you can get the exact look you desire.

Ease of Installation

Gas logs can quickly upgrade any hearth. One reason gas logs have become a popular option for homeowners is because they are so easy to install. Nearly any existing hearth space or room can be outfitted with a set of gas logs; all it takes is a working gas line and, potentially, a chimney.


Gas logs are an incredibly versatile hearth appliance. Of course, they can be retrofitted into nearly any existing hearth space. But gas logs also can be fitted into nearly any room in your home. Gas logs require little space, so they can be build into nearly any room. Gas logs also come in vented or vent-free varieties. That means you can install a fireplace in nearly any room in your home, even rooms that can’t be equipped with chimneys or that allow for little clearance.


As far as fireplaces go, gas fireplaces, including gas logs, are as efficient as you can get. All gas logs create little to no particulate matter, which means gas logs won’t pollute the air in your home or your neighborhood. They also burn little fuel, which make them a cheap and efficient heating option.


Gas logs are also affordable! Fireplaces are a desirable addition to any home, but installing a brand-new fireplace, complete with a hearth and a chimney, can be costly. Gas logs provide a cost-effective way to upgrade your existing hearth or install a new fireplace in your home.

If you are ready to upgrade your home with gas logs — whether it’s overhauling an existing fireplace or installing a new fireplace — stop by one of FireSide Hearth & Home’s four showrooms. You will be able to see the different types of gas logs available and talk to one of our hearth experts about having gas logs installed in your home. With some help from FireSide Hearth & Home, you can be enjoying your gas logs this fall!

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