If your fireplace lacks the style you seek, or if it’s dated look is making your house seem drab, you can update the look with cultured stone. Cultured stone is made from concrete in different colors and patterns to mimic the look of nature stone. It comes in a thin layer that’s applied as a veneer over walls, fences or even fireplaces. Because it’s thin and lightweight, cultured stone is quick and easy to apply. With all of the different looks available in cultured stone and its easy application, you can use cultured stone to create a unique look for your fireplace!Cultured Stone For a Unique Fireplace - Royal Oak MI - FireSide Hearth

Use an unexpected stone

Stone veneer comes in many shapes, sizes, colors and styles. There are, of course, cultured stones that mimic the stones popularly used for hearths, such as limestone, fieldstone or ledgestone. You can use an unexpected type of stone, such as cobblestones or cultured stones made to look like smooth river rocks for a unique fireplace statement.

Go floor to ceiling or wall to wall

If you want a truly unique and dramatic look for your fireplace, consider taking your cultured stone surround from the floor to the ceiling or from wall to wall. This bold look will create an eye-catching centerpiece in your home. And because of cultured stone’s light weight and affordable price point, a statement wall of cultured stone surrounding your fireplace is completely achievable.

Add architectural details

Just like real stone fireplace, you can use cultured stone to create architectural interest around your fireplace. You can create an arched opening for your fireplace, build in benches near your hearth and create built-in storage spaces for knickknacks or firewood.

Include keystones or trim

Another way to add interest to your fireplace and give it a unique look with cultured stone is to add keystones or trim. Most cultured stone has coordinate pieces and keystones accenting the fireplace opening or mantel. Take advantage of these accessory pieces can give your fireplace a unique and sophisticated look.

Go sleek and modern

Stone fireplaces are often associated with rustic, country or beach looks. It is possible to use cultured stone to create a sleek and modern look for your fireplace. Consider monochromatic stones, rather than variegated ones, for a dramatic design, or use a stone pattern that includes straighter lines. Another option is to go for a dry-stacked look; these cultured stones are stacked directly on top of one another, rather than being separated by grout.

Incorporate hearthstones

Don’t leave your hearth out of your fireplace makeover! Like keystones and trim, most cultured stone has coordinating hearthstones so you can overhaul your entire fireplace. If you’re looking for a more unique look, you can use contrasting hearthstones, rather than the coordinating ones, or use real stone hearthstones.


Incorporate a mantel

No hearth would be complete without a mantel! If you’re redesigning your fireplace using cultured stone, don’t forget to include a mantel in your design.

There are endless options for creating a unique look for your fireplace with cultured stone. If you’re ready to explore ways to revamp your fireplace with cultured stone, stop by one of FireSide Hearth & Home’s four showrooms today!

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