Gas logs and fireplaces have become the preferred hearth appliances of the majority of homeowners. Why? Well, largely because they require little care and maintenance. That’s not to say that if you have gas logs or a gas fireplace that your hearth doesn’t require care. Just like any heating appliance, maintenance of your gas logs and gas fireplace are incredibly important! Before you light your gas logs or gas fireplace this fall, you need to make sure your hearth has been properly prepared. Here’s what you need to consider when it comes to maintaining your gas logs or fireplace.

Importance Of Gas Log Maintenance Image - Royal Oak MI - FireSide Hearth & HomeYou still need an annual chimney sweeping and inspection.

A chimney that vents a gas fireplace or log set won’t become caked with creosote the way a wood-burning fireplace will. Having said that, a gas hearth appliance still requires an annual sweeping and inspection! The sweeping will remove any built up soot or debris from the fireplace. Additionally, the inspection will ensure that the chimney liner remains in good repair and safe for use.

Gas logs need to be cleaned, too.

Part of your annual maintenance for your gas fireplace should be a thorough cleaning of your gas logs. Gas logs collect dust, just like anything else. This dust can clog blowers or interfere with the pilot lights. It can also cause a foul smell when you ignite your fireplace! Of course, dust on your gas fireplace also will create a dingy appearance and degrade the overall look of your hearth. not to mention, ceramic gas logs will break down over time – and chunks of the logs will litter the bottom of your fireplace. Those chunks, too, can interfere with the working components of your fireplace. Ideally, your annual chimney sweeping will include the removal and cleaning of your gas logs, fire chamber, and glass fireplace doors.

An inspection ensures safe operation.

Gas logs and gas fireplaces include a lot of working components. At the very least, your gas logs will have a pilot light. With a gas fireplace or fireplace insert, there are blowers, gaskets, and seals. What happens if any of those components aren’t working? It can interfere with the efficient operation of your fireplace, cause your fireplace not to ignite, or even pose a danger in your home! Your annual professional fireplace and chimney service should include a complete inspection of the working components of your gas logs or fireplace.

If you’re getting ready to enjoy your gas logs or gas fireplace this fall, don’t forget your fireplace and chimney maintenance! Gas log or gas fireplace maintenance ensures that your fireplace will work safely and efficiently this winter. Do you have questions about the proper care or maintenance of your gas logs or gas fireplace? Perhaps you’re ready to upgrade your fireplace with a new set of gas logs or a gas fireplace insert? If so, talk to the experts at FireSide Hearth & Home today!

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