Outdoor fireplaces have become a major trend, and it’s easy to understand why. They extend your home’s living space; they heat your patio so you can use it earlier in the spring and later in the fall when cooler temperatures might otherwise keep you indoors; and they provide ambiance and style to your home, and can help to anchor your outdoor living and entertainment space in a bold and stylish way.

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If you have considered enhancing your yard with an outdoor fireplace, now is the time to start planning! There are several factors you will need to consider when planning to add an outdoor fireplace.


Location is an obvious factor when it comes to planning your outdoor fireplace. Many people like to build their outdoor fireplace adjacent to their homes, which can natural extend the living space onto an outdoor patio and entertainment space. Others prefer to set their outdoor fireplaces farther away from their homes, creating a separate patio and entertainment space. The decision depends on personal preference – whether you prefer to step out on to a patio and enjoy your fireplace or if you prefer to create a new, useable entertainment space in your yard – as well as other consideration such as the size of the yard.

Fuel type

The other major consideration is how you would like to fuel your outdoor fireplaces. Some people prefer the traditional ambiance of a wood-burning fireplace, with its crackling yellow flames and campfire smell. For others, convenience is more of a factor: A gas fireplace can be turned on with the flip of a switch and doesn’t require a stack of firewood to keep it going or any amount of tending. Your fireplace’s location may also play into which fuel type you choose. A wood-burning fireplace can be constructed nearly anywhere, while a gas fireplace requires a gas line that may limit where you are able to locate the fireplace on your property.

Size and function

You will need to determine how large of an outdoor fireplace you want. This likely will depend on how you see using the fireplace: Will it be a small, cozy place for your family to enjoy each evening, or do you see it as a large gathering space to use while entertaining friends? The size, of course, also will be influenced by the space you have available for the fireplace. If it’s on a small patio adjacent to your home, you may need to limit its size, but if you have a large yard and room to expand, your fireplace likely can be as large as you would like.


You’ll also need to decide what materials you would like your fireplace to be constructed out of. Brick provides an extremely traditional feel, stone can offer an elegant look, stucco or concrete can be extremely modern, and river rock or flagstone can provide a more rustic look. You’ll want to use a material that fits with your taste and the outdoor style of your home.

If you’re ready to start planning an outdoor fireplace for your patio, call FireSide Hearth & Home. We can design and install an outdoor fireplace that will have you enjoying your outdoor living space even more this summer.

Let Our Experts Help You With Your Decision!

Regardless of what you’re looking for, the experts at FireSide Hearth & Home are here to help you along the way. Once you’ve selected and purchased your new unit, our NFI-certified professionals will handle the installation for you so you can burn with confidence. We want you to see us as your full-service hearth and home supplier!

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