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At FireSide Hearth & Home, we’re passionate about providing our customers with a hearth product that will meet their needs, and we know that no two homeowners have the exact same goal for their hearths. That’s why we’re proud to offer a unique fireplace option, Simplifire electric fireplaces.

About Simplifire

Simplifire electric fireplaces provide dancing electric flames to add beauty and ambiance to your home. With Simplifire, you know you’re getting a quality hearth product because it’s manufactured by trusted industry brand Heatilator. Some of the benefits of Simplifire fireplaces include:

  • A chimney-free hearth. Because these fireplaces don’t require any ventilation, they can be installed nearly anywhere within your home, without the need for a bulky and expensive chimney.
  • Optional heat. With Simplifire fireplaces, you can turn on the fireplace heat to make your living space more comfortable and lower your home-heating bills, or you can leave the heat off and just enjoy the gentle glow of the fireplace.
  • An efficient source of heat. When you do choose to heat your space with Simplifire, know that you’ll be heating your home with a 100-percent efficient fireplace that costs less than 10 cents per hour to run.
  • Convenient controls. Simplifire fireplaces come with convenient remotes that allow you to turn the fire and heat on and off, and even allow you to set the heat output of your fireplace.
  • Long-lasting flames. Simplifire fireplaces feature LED lights, so you won’t have to maintain your fireplace by replacing bulbs.

Simplifire Options

Simplifire gives you two great options for adding an electric fireplace to your home. And within those two options, you can customize the finishes so you get a beautiful fireplace that fits with your taste and complements the style of your home. With Simplifire, you can choose:

  • The Simplifire Built-in Electric Fireplace.
    The Simplire Built-in fireplace is made to echo the look and feel of a traditional wood-burning fire. As the name suggests, this fireplace is built into the wall of your home to create a true hearth. The fireplace features cracked logs and glowing flames that look like the real thing! You can customize your Simplifire Built-in Fireplace by choosing from a variety of mantle color and stone surround options.
  • The Simplifire Wall-Mount Electric Fireplace.
    For a sleek, contemporary look, or to add the warmth and glow of a fireplace to a small space, you can choose the Simplifire Wall-Mount Fireplace. Theses flat, wall-mounted fireplaces feature glass panels with dancing flames over smooth glass stones. Ambient backlights can be set to different colors to customize the look of your fireplace. Simplifire Wall-Mount Fireplaces are available in 38-, 58-, 70- and 94-inch models. The 38-inch model comes with an optional stand that allows you to enjoy a tabletop fire.

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