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Decorating Your Fireplace for Spring

In many homes, the fireplace serves as a focal point for the living space. As such, a well-decorated mantel can set the tone for your entire home. In just a few simple steps, you can decorate your fireplace for spring and have your home sets the stage for spring cheer.

Start with a light, neutral base.

It takes an assortment of objects to make a statement on your mantel. To avoid making that assortment look busy and overly chaotic, begin with a base of neutral objects. To strike a light, airy tone for spring, consider an assortment of vases, candlesticks or jars in a light, neutral color, such as white or cream.

Establish a focal point.

Another way to prevent your mantel décor from seeming overwhelming is to establish a focal point. Have a large object at the back of the mantel or hanging on the wall that will serve as an anchor to your overall mantel design. Mirrors, pictures, wreaths or antique window frames in light colors make the perfect base for a spring-time design.

Add greenery.

The joy of spring is the emergence of green grass, plants, and flowers. Bringing those natural elements to your mantel will instantly strike a springy note. Consider filling vases with greenery, add a springy green or floral garland across the mantel or add small pots of spring flowers, such as tulips.

Accessorize with spring objects.

Once you have a base of neutral objects accented by greenery, you can start to add pops of color with spring-themed décor. For an Easter-themed mantel, you can add bunnies and painted eggs. For a mantel with a more general spring theme, you can add birds, butterflies, robin’s eggs or flowers in spring pastels.

Create texture with natural elements.

A great way to add depth and texture to your mantel design is to add natural elements. For spring, that could be birds’ nests, budding branches or spring décor accents made from light-colored wicker.

Keep it varied, but harmonious.

No matter what season you’re decorating your mantel for, there are some basics you’ll want to keep in mind to keep your design interesting but not overly busy. That includes having a neutral base and a focal point. It also means using objects in varying heights, sizes, shapes, materials and colors. To keep that from becoming chaotic, create a sense of symmetry by having objects of similar heights on opposite sides of the mantel, having a few stand-out objects, and sticking to a limited number of accent colors that complement, rather than compete with, one another.

Of course, a beautiful spring statement on your mantel begins with a beautiful fireplace. If your fireplace is due for a makeover, whether it’s a full overhaul or some new hearth accessories to rejuvenate your hearth, stop by one of FireSide Hearth & Home’s showrooms to see all of your fireplace and fireplace accessory options.

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Now’s the Time for a New Fireplace Mantel

Summer makes the best time for fireplace improvements, as work on your hearth won’t interfere with the use of your fireplace. If you have been considering upgrading the look of your fireplace — and really your living space — now is the time for a new fireplace mantel.

Perhaps no other element of your fireplace sets the tone for the design like the mantel. A mantel serves as a statement for your fireplace and your living space. An outdated mantel can age your home, while a new mantel that fits with your home décor style can establish a focal point in your home that helps to create a cohesive design style.

When it comes to choosing the mantel that is right for your hearth, you will find a bevy of options. While that might seem overwhelming, all of those choices mean you are sure to find a mantel that fits with your design vision.

Mantel Options

Some of the choices you will have to make regarding your mantel include:

  • Size.
    The size of your mantel will depend on the size of your fireplace and the size of your living space. A mantel that’s too large can overwhelm your heart and your home, while one that is too small can seem dwarfed by its surroundings. That said, within a range that’s appropriate for your hearth and home, you can choose a larger mantel that serves as a statement piece or a smaller mantel that blends seamlessly into the room.
  • Material.
    The material you choose for your hearth can make a big impact on your home’s interior design. A sleek metal or polished wood mantel lends to modern décor, while wood mantels are traditional. A rough wood or stone mantel can make any home feel rustic. The way the mantel material contrasts with the fireplace surround also can have an impact; stone fireplaces with wood mantels are common in the arts and crafts style, while tile with wood is common in Victorian homes.
  • Surround.
    Many people think of the mantel as the shelf that tops that fireplace, but mantels can be more. Many mantels surround the firebox on three sides. If your hearth extends beyond your wall already, you might stick with a simple shelf mantel. If your fireplace sits flush with the wall, a mantel surround can add depth and texture to the hearth.
  • Supports.
    If you opt for a shelf mantel, you can stick with a sleek, floating design, or you can add fireplace supports to enhance the look. Corbels are small supports that sit on the mantel shelf, add a simple design element. Columns can add an elegant, traditional look.
  • Detailing.
    If you prefer a more ornate, dramatic look, you might opt for additional detailing to your mantel. Carved images, wood appliques or dentil detailing can add interest to your mantel and make it stand out.

Finding the Right Mantel

If you are ready to upgrade the look of your hearth with a new mantel, FireSide Hearth & Home can help! We carry a lineup of mantels that can dress up your fireplace and enhance your home’s style. Stop by one of our showrooms or visit our website to see our beautiful mantel options.

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