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All About Fireplace Inserts

Do you wish you got more heat from your fireplace? Do you have an outdated fireplace insert that’s inefficient? Does your open-hearth fireplace sit unused all winter because you don’t want to put the effort into building and tending a fire? Is your outdated hearth just plain unattractive? You could get more from your fireplace — more heat, more efficiency, more use, more style — with a fireplace insert.

More Heat

There’s no denying that traditional, open-hearth fireplaces are beautiful. They allow you to enjoy crackling logs and a beautiful, glowing fire. Unfortunately, open-hearth fireplaces are terrible sources of heat and can actually send more heat out of your home than they generate. While an open-hearth fireplace is burning, they’re only about 10 percent efficient. That means that 10 percent of the fire’s heat enters your home, while the remaining 90 percent goes right up the chimney. Even worse, when the fireplace isn’t in use, it can send a significant amount of heated air up and out of the chimney.

In the end, that means your open-hearth fireplace could actually be taking more heat out of your home than it creates. A fireplace insert, by contrast, closes off the chimney system. They return far more heat to your home — anywhere between 60 and 90 percent of the fire’s heat — and they don’t allow air from your home to enter the chimney when they’re not in use.

More Efficiency

Nearly all fireplace inserts are now EPA rated for efficiency. They are specially made to emit as little fire product as possible while returning as much heat as possible to your home. If you have an outdated fireplace insert, installing a new fireplace insert will lower your fireplace fuel costs, increase the amount of heat that’s put off into your home and decrease the number of fine particles your fireplace releases into your home and your neighborhood. While EPA-certified pellet and wood inserts are far more efficient than outdated, noncertified models, gas fireplace inserts are the top choice if you’re seeking efficiency.

More Usability

If you rarely use your open-hearth fireplace because of the work it takes, an insert could have you making use of your fireplace on a regular basis. Gas fireplace inserts allow you to turn on your fireplace with the press of a button, and they can be wired to a thermostat for automatic controls. Even a wood insert will require less tending because of its increased efficiency, and pellet stoves feature hoppers and automatic feeders, so you only have to load pellets once or twice a day to enjoy your fireplace.

More Style

An insert can automatically upgrade an outdated fireplace! There’s a fireplace insert to fit any style, ranging from traditional and rustic to modern and sleek. With a fireplace insert, your hearth can once again serve as a stylish focal point for your home.

If you’re ready to get more from your hearth — more heat, more efficiency, more use and more style — visit FireSide Hearth & Home today! We can help you find a fireplace insert that fits your hearth and your needs.

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Upgrading Your Fireplace Doors

Are your fireplace doors are builder grade, or came with your prefabricated fireplace? If so, they likely provide you with little benefit beyond blocking some chill from the chimney. Lower grade models of fireplace doors are made from cheap glass and it breaks easily. They have to be left open when the fireplace is in use to avoid shattering.

However, your fireplace doors don’t have to be a relatively useless accessory. When you upgrade your fireplace doors to tempered or ceramic glass doors, you suddenly have a beautiful, useful hearth accessory. One that can increase the heating power of your fireplace, lower your home utility bills, and help keep your fireplace safer. With heavy duty fireplace doors, you can decide whether to burn your fire with the doors opened or closed.

Get more heat from your fireplace.

It’s no secret that an open-hearth fireplace isn’t an effective home-heating appliance. It’s estimated that between 80 and 90 percent of the heat generated by a fire in an open-hearth fireplace goes right up the chimney. Tempered or ceramic glass doors can help to change that. When you burn a fire with the fireplace doors closed, the glass absorbs the heat of the fire. Additionally, it radiates out to the rest of your living space, dispersing the heat much more efficiently. In fact, it’s estimated that glass doors can as much as triple the amount of heat being returned to your home from your fireplace!

Lower your heating and cooling bills.

Another major problem posed by open-hearth fireplaces? Heat loss during winter months. When the fireplace isn’t in use, the chimney can be like having a window open to the outside. The warm air is flowing freely up and out of your home. While inexpensive, flimsy glass doors do little to stop this. However, a set of heavier, upgraded glass doors can help keep the heat in your home on chilly winter days.

Make your fireplace safer.

Open, roaring flames are beautiful. Consequently, wood fires can crack, spark and shift. Downdrafts can send a sudden burst of air down the chimney and through the fireplace. All of those things can send burning embers, or even larger bits of burning logs, back into your home. There, they can burn people sitting near the fireplace, singe furniture or flooring, or even spark a fire! Glass fireplace doors keep the fire safely in the fireplace.

Beautify your fireplace.

Outdated, cracked, or soot-stained glass doors can degrade the look of your fireplace.  By upgrading your glass doors, you can give new life to your hearth and restore your fireplace to a beautiful focal point.

Are ready to upgrade the efficiency, safety, and look of your fireplace with a new set of fireplace doors? Stop by one of the three FireSide Hearth & Home showrooms. We have an array of beautiful glass doors on display, and we can help you choose glass doors to fit your fireplace!

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