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Gas Versus Wood Fireplaces

Homeowners overwhelmingly prefer to have fireplaces in their homes. For many, the answer is obvious when they are asked if they prefer gas or wood-burning appliances. However, f you are looking to add a hearth appliance to your home and you don’t know which fuel type you prefer, you might be wondering: How do gas and wood-burning fireplaces compare?


When it comes to convenience, gas fireplaces and heating stoves trump their wood-burning counterparts. Wood-burning appliances require the acquisition, stacking, storing and hauling of firewood, not to mention the building and tending of fires. On the other hand, gas fireplaces and heating stoves produce a flame with virtually no effort. They can be ignited with a switch on the wall or via a remote. In many homes, gas fireplaces or heating stoves are even wired to thermostats so flames will automatically ignite, adjust or extinguish based on the desired temperature within the home.

Cost of Fuel

When it comes to fuel costs, wood has gas beats in almost all cases. Many homeowners with woodstoves or wood-burning fireplaces chop their own firewood, making it a free source of fireplace fuel. Even for those who prefer to buy their firewood ready to go, firewood tends to be a very low-cost fuel option. That’s not to say that using your gas fireplace will be cost prohibitive. In fact, natural gas and propane remain affordable sources of fuel. Using a gas heating appliance to target heat in the most used rooms of your home can help you to lower your overall home-heating bills.


Gas fireplaces and heating stoves, as a whole, are more efficient than wood-burning appliances. However, the exact difference in efficiency largely depends on what type of appliance your burning. An EPA-certified wood-stove or fireplace insert can come close to the efficiency ratings of some gas appliances. On the flip side, a traditional open-hearth fireplace, whether it features vented gas logs or is meant to burn wood, do little to help heat a home. Ventless logs or vent-free gas fireplaces, by contrast, return nearly all of a fire’s heat to your home. Also worth noting: In nearly all cases, wood-burning fireplaces emit more fine particles into the atmosphere than gas appliances, but there are some incredibly clean-burning wood models, as well.


Fans of wood-burning appliances will, without fail, point to the ambiance of wood-burning fireplaces and stoves as a clear winner. Who doesn’t love the traditional look of a wood fire burning away in the hearth? The good news for those who prefer the convenience and efficiency of a gas appliance is that gas log manufacturers have become true artists when it comes to recreating the look of burning logs. You can find models meant to mirror different types of woods. You can even add burning embers and lights to more closely mimic a wood fire.

Regardless of which type of fireplace or heating stove you’re leaning toward FireSide Hearth & Home can help! We carry gas and wood-burning appliances in a variety of models, and our experts can help you find one to fit your home. Still on the fence about gas versus wood fireplaces? We can help you weigh the pros and cons of each to make the right decision for your home.

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We Carry Heatilator Products!

In the home-heating industry, perhaps no name is better known than Heatilator, and it’s with good reason. For nearly a century, Heatilator has provided top-quality, innovating fireplace solutions. That’s why at FireSide Hearth & Home, we are glad to offer our customers Heatilator products.

About Heatilator

Heatilator introduced the first factory-built heat-circulating fireplace in 1929. The revolutionary technology changed the way fireplaces were installed. Since then, Heatilator has become an industry leader. Heatilator ranks as the top brand used by contractors in newly constructed homes. That’s because Heatilator is constantly updating its fireplace technologies while continuing to provide homeowners and home builders with affordable fireplace options that last.

Heatilator Products

Today, Heatilator offers a wide range of hearth products. Heatilator manufactures gas, wood and electric fireplaces that can be installed indoors or outdoors, as well as gas, wood and electric fireplace inserts. Additionally, Heatilator provides gas logs, mantels, fireplace surrounds and hearth accessories. All of Heatilator’s products come in a variety of style, ranging from the traditional to the contemporary, so you are sure to find a Heatilator fireplace, fireplace insert, gas log set or mantel that fits your taste and your home’s style.

Heatilator Technology

One of the reasons Heatilator continues to be an industry leader is because of Heatilator’s devotion to the latest fireplace technologies. Some of the most popular Heatilator technologies include:

  • Direct vent gas fireplaces. Direct vent gas fireplaces use a two-duct system that draws cold air in from the outside to fuel the fireplace and expels fireplace byproducts directly to the outside. This closed-system style of fireplace is one of the most efficient fireplace options.
  • IntelliFire. IntelliFire is an exclusive technology designed to save you money. With an IntelliFire ignition system, the fireplace’s pilot light is on only when needed, rather than 24 hours. The intermittent pilot light can save homeowners as much as $10 per month on their heating bills. IntelliFire can still be ignited during power outages, and is available with additional features, such as a remote, child safety features, constant pilot option for cold climates and more.
  • Power venting. This is used to allow for the proper venting of a fireplace nearly anywhere within the home. Power venting involves placing an electric fan within the chimney to help pull air into the fireplace and expel fireplace byproducts.

Explore Heatilator Fireplaces

Heatilator excels on the promise of providing a reliable heating products at reasonable prices. Are ready to upgrade your home with a new fireplace, fireplace insert, or heating stove? If so, see what Heatilator has to offer! At FireSide Hearth & Home, we can walk you through all of Heatilator’s offerings to help you find the right Heatilator product for your home.

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