Not happy with your current fireplace?

Change it.

Transform your fireplace into the efficient, zone-heating solution you didn’t realize you needed with a fireplace insert.

Did you know a typical homeowner sends over 8% of their valuable heated air out their chimneys? Depending on the age and condition of your fireplace, you could be sending some serious money right up and out of your home. But that doesn’t mean you should stop using your fireplace.

Fireplace inserts are the best way to make your old fireplace more efficient without rebuilding. Even better? Most of the time, the insert can be retrofitted to your existing wood-burning fireplace, making installation a breeze. Whether you want to transform your fireplace area or keep the look you currently have, our wide choices of inserts are the ideal way to stop wasting your heated air.

If you’re considering a fireplace insert, there are a few options available to you.

Choosing the type of insert that’s right for you is as simple as deciding what’s most important to you:


Gas Insert

Gas Inserts

Do you want quick heat without building a fire? If so, a gas insert is the choice for you!

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Wood Insert

Wood Inserts

Do you want to burn real wood and enjoy the heat of a fire even if the power goes out? You'll want a wood insert.

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Electric Insert

Electric Inserts

Do you want to switch on heat without burning gas? Choose an electric insert!

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Pellet Insert

Pellet Inserts

Do you want to be able to burn a bio-fuel (in an attempt to minimize your total carbon footprint) without the hassle of wood? A pellet insert is what you're looking for.

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Over the years, you can save thousands of dollars in heating costs, making a fireplace insert an eco-conscious and cost-effective decision that will increase your home’s value.

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