Heating stoves are a great way to lower home-heating bills while providing proper heat for your home. With a heating stove, you can save money by concentrating your home-heating budget on the rooms you use the most. You can also add duct work to your stove to pipe heat throughout your home. If you’re ready to add supplemental heat to your home with a stove, you’re likely wondering what type of stove is right for you: wood, pellet or gas.

Wood heating stoves

Wood is the traditional choice for hearth appliances. Wood-burning stoves is very popular, especially for homeowners who have access to firewood. While wood is an ancient source of heat, modern EPA-certified wood stoves allow homeowners to use this inexpensive natural resource to heat their home, while implementing technology that allows them to get the maximum amount of heat from their firewood and emits little pollution. Depending on the type of wood stove you choose, you can find a wood stove with high heat efficiency.

Pellet heating stoves

Pellet heating stoves are growing in popularity. They’re an inexpensive home-heating solution, and they provide the look and feel of a wood-burning stove without the labor involved in procuring firewood. Pellet stoves can burn for a day or more without being tended, thanks to hopper systems that automatically feed the fire. They are also an environmental friendly option to heat your homes.

Pellet stoves burn compressed wood pellets that are produced from wood shavings. They also burn agricultural waste such as nut shells, cherry pits, corn or soybeans. Because they burn organic matter, many environmentalists consider pellet stoves to be carbon neutral heat sources. EPA-certified pellet stoves have are highly heat efficient.

Gas heating stoves

Gas heating stoves burn cleaner and more efficiently. They also take little work to maintain while producing great amount of heat. Gas heating stoves are a great addition to a cold room. They can even be wired to a thermostat so the flame adjusts automatically to provide the right amount of heat to your living space.

Gas stoves are incredibly versatile. Direct-vent models can be placed anywhere a vent pipe can be exhausted through an exterior wall or rooftop. Ventless models can be placed anywhere within a home. Gas heating stoves burn cleaner and returns little pollution to the air. Gas stoves are the most heat efficient of all the stoves.

If you’re ready to choose a heating stove to warm a chilly room or lower your home-heating bills with supplemental heat, stop by FireSide Hearth & Home, and our hearth experts will help you find the right type of stove for you.

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