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We Have All Of The FireSide Accessories You Need!

To get the most out of your fireplace, you need the right accessories. At FireSide Hearth & Home, we have all of the fireplace accessories you need! Investing in the right fireside accessories will help you to better care for your fireplace, keep your fireplace safe and get more out of your fireplace. Here are some of the important fireplace accessories you’ll find at FireSide Hearth & Home.Fireside Accessories You Need - Royal Oak MI - FireSide Hearth & Home

Fireplace tools

Nearly every hearth sports a set of fireplace tools, and with good reason. A set of fireplace tools allows you to tend your fires and clean up your firebox. At the very least, your set of fireplace tools should include a poker and tongs to tend burning fires and a shovel and brush to clean up ash after your fires.

Ash bucket

Also in line with cleanup, maintaining your wood-burning fireplace will be easier with an ash bucket. An ash bucket is a sturdy metal bucket that can hold the ashes that you clean out of your fireplace. It should be made of a heavy-duty metal so it can withstand any heat from still-hot embers. A tight-fitting lid will prevent the ash bucket from filling your home with smoke or carbon monoxide from smoldering ashes.

Mesh screen

If you have an open-hearth fireplace, a mesh screen is a must. A mesh screen, sometimes called a spark screen, prevents embers from popping out of your fireplace and burning your home furnishings or people who might be sitting next to the fireplace. For an open-hearth fireplace, a mesh screen is a safety necessity; it can prevent a dangerous fire or burns.

Fireplace doors

Fireplace doors provide an alternative to mesh screens. Special types of fireplace doors can be closed when the fireplace is in use. These doors keep burning logs from shifting out of the fireplace and embers from popping out. Fireplace doors also absorb the heat from your fire and radiate it out into your home, increasing the heat output from your hearth.

Fireplace grate or andirons

To burn efficiently, your wood-burning fireplace also needs a fireplace grate or andirons. Grates and andirons elevate burning logs off the floor of the fireplace so air can circulate around the logs and help to fuel the fire. Some grates, and most andirons, also are ornamental and enhance the look as well as the efficiency of your fireplace.

Fire back

One of the challenges of a traditional open-hearth fireplace is that much of the heat is lost through the chimney. A fire back can help to reduce the amount of heat the travels up the chimney. A fire back is an ornamental piece of heavy-duty metal that sits at the back of the firebox. It encourages heat from the fire to radiate back into the home rather than being lost up the chimney.

What accessories is your fireplace missing? FireSide Hearth & Home can provide you with any of the hearth accessories you need to enhance the look and function of your fireplace. Stop by one of our four showrooms to check out our FireSide accessories today!

We offer the best fireplace doors and mantels to spruce up your chimney!

Is your chimney in a good shape, but your hearth is not looking less than desirable? An outdated hearth can affect the overall look of your home’s living space. One way to upgrade your hearth and update your home’s style is by adding a new set of fireplace doors or a new mantel. FireSide Hearth & Home are here to help, we offer the industry’s finest fireplace doors and mantels to spruce up your chimney!

Fireplace doors

We offer the best fireplace doors and mantels to spruce up your chimneys - Royal Oak MI - FireSide Hearth & HomeFireplace doors are both decorative and functional. Replacing your fireplace doors especially if they are outdated, scratched or smoke-stained can give your hearth an instant face-lift. In addition, the right set of fireplace doors can make your hearth more efficient. At the very least, a set of fireplace doors that can be closed while the fireplace is in use. This helps to block downdrafts from coming into your home, and they also stop warm air from exiting your home during the cold months. Some fireplace doors can be closed when the fireplace is in use. That allows your fireplace to keep smoke, embers and popping logs from coming out of your fireplace. It also allows the fireplace doors to capture some of the fireplace’s heat and radiate it back into your home, so you get more heat output.


Your mantel can say a lot about your home and your style. An old outdated mantel, or one that simply doesn’t fit with your home décor can be difficult to overcome when creating the specific look you want for your home. Fortunately, mantels come in all sizes, finishes, shapes and styles so anyone can find one to suit their existing hearth and style. Mantels are easy to swap out, and replacing your outdated and unattractive mantel can provide an instant upgrade to your hearth and home.

Let us spruce up your chimney!

Are you ready to revamp your fireplace and chimney? By adding a new set of fireplace doors or a new mantel can quickly, easily and inexpensively give your home an entirely new look and feel. If you are ready to outfit your fireplace with new décor, stop by one of FireSide Hearth & Home’s showrooms today! We carry the best fireplace doors and mantels.

From modern to rustic, classic to contemporary, we have it all. At FireSide Hearth & Home, you can definitely find the right fireplace door and mantel for you. It’s time to spruce up your fireplace and chimney with new doors or a new mantel today!

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