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A new or updated fireplace can add value to your home before you sell!

If you are preparing to sell your home, you likely are looking for ways to get top dollar from buyers. In survey after survey, buyers list fireplaces as desirable amenities. Nearly 70 percent of real estate agents surveyed by Angie’s List said fireplaces increase the value of a home. Plus, the return on investment in a new or upgrade fireplace can be substantial. A study from the National Center for Real Estate Research found each fireplace increased a home’s sale price by as much as 12 percent.

Adding a new fireplace.

Adding a fireplace sounds like a major home-improvement project, but it doesn’t have to be. A gas fireplace can be a quick, easy home improvement. This is especially true if you opt for a ventless gas fireplace or a prefabricated fireplace outfitted with ventless gas logs. In those cases, there’s no need for a chimney. You only need a gas line to get your fireplace up and running.

A direct-vent gas fireplace does require adding a vent to the outside of your home. However, installation is relatively easily. The good news on installing a gas fireplace instead of a wood-burning one: While the majority of home buyers say they prefer wood-burning models, the majority of real estate agents recommend installing a gas fireplace if you are looking to increase your sale price.

Do you already have one fireplace within your home? That doesn’t mean you can’t look for creative ways to add value to your home with a new fireplace. Outdoor fireplaces have become increasingly popular. Installing an outdoor fireplace can help potential buyers see your outdoor space as a comfortable, functional extension of your home. You also can add a sense of luxury to a bathroom or the master bedroom with a fireplace.

Upgrading your fireplace.

While a beautiful, functional fireplace can boost your home’s value and help your home to sell faster; an outdated, deteriorated or inoperable fireplace can hurt your chances of selling your home at a premium price. A fireplace that isn’t updated or in good repair can look like a major project to a potential buyer. In addition, it can make your home look sloppy or out of date. Fortunately, updating an existing fireplace is much easier than installing a fireplace.

An aging fireplace can get an instant facelift with a fireplace insert. If your fireplace is in good working order but has some out-dating features, changing out the fireplace doors, the fireplace screen or fire grate can instantly improve the look of your fireplace. A fireplace surround or a new mantle can make any fireplace look fresh. Also, great accessories such as firebacks, tool sets, wood stackers and decorative screens, can have your fireplace looking up to date and well cared for during your showings. At the very least, you want to make sure your fireplace is clean and in good repair. Have your fireplace cleaned and inspected before you list your home so you can market your fireplace as an asset.

Presenting your fireplace.

If you are need to get your fireplace ready to help sell your home, call FireSide Hearth & Home! We can help you add a fireplace, upgrade your existing fireplace, make any needed fireplace repairs or help you stage your fireplace for showings.

Building a home? Why you should consider a fireplace upgrade

There’s a lot to consider when you’re building a new home, from architectural details to layout to building materials. One item that’s often overlooked is the fireplace. While many new homes feature fireplaces, many people building a home miss the opportunity to upgrade their fireplace. With that, they miss the opportunity to increase their home’s value and lower their home heating bills. Building a home why you should consider a fireplace upgrade - Royal Oak MI - Fireside Hearth and Home

So why should you consider a fireplace upgrade?

Increase your home’s style and value.

A fireplace serves as the focal point of a room and, often, of a home. When you hand select your fireplace, you’re choosing a fireplace that fits your taste and the style you envision for your new home. Because upgraded fireplaces have more visual appeal, they can increase the value of your home by up to 10 percent.

Increase efficiency.

The efficiency values of fireplaces vary widely, and by choosing a fireplace wisely, you can lower your home’s heating bills and your home’s carbon footprint. Traditional, open-hearth fireplaces send up to 90 percent of a fire’s heat up the chimney, while fireplace inserts, whether they are wood burning, pellet burning, or gas, can return up to 99 percent of a fire’s heat to your home. That gives you the opportunity to heat your main living space while turning down the thermostat for the rest of your home, lowering your home heating bills. Additionally, inserts produce little to no smoke and soot, improving air quality in your home and in your neighborhood.

Increase convenience.

Traditional, open-hearth, wood-burning fireplaces are a lot of work. Wood must be purchased by the chord, or harvested yourself, and must be hauled, stacked and stored. Fires must be constantly tended to maintain their flames. But with other types of fireplaces or fireplace inserts, you can save yourself from a lot of work. Even a wood-burning insert maintains a burn longer, meaning you tend the fire less. Pellet stoves are self-feeding, and filling the hopper once can fuel the fire for up to 24 hours. Of course, the easiest option is a gas fireplace, which can be turned on and off with the flip of a switch or press of a button. Gas fireplaces often are fitted to a thermostat to regulate their heat output.

Increase quality.

Most fireplaces that are installed in new homes are builder grade. That means they are chosen for their low cost and ease of installation. When you choose to upgrade your fireplace, you can select an appliance that is higher quality and will last you for decades with simple annual cleaning and maintenance.

If you are planning or are in the process of building a new home and would like to hear more about the benefits of upgrading your fireplace, talk to the experts at FireSide Hearth & Home. We can explain the benefits of different types of fireplaces and inserts and help you select the one that is right for your new home.

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